Thomas Alva Edison was an American inventor and businessman. He is a renowned for his famous work related to the electric lightbulb.

Interestingly, Edison was not the first to invent the lightbulb but he did invent the world’s first COMMERCIAL incandescent light bulb. It took him one and a half years to build the lamp, which burned for thirteen and a half hours. The lamp had a filament of carbonized sewing thread.

This discovery marked the beginning of commercially manufactured light bulbs and in 1880, Thomas Edison’s company, Edison Electric Light Company began marketing its new product.



The vintage look of the Edison bulb is trending right now in contemporary, chic decor. The sultry, candle-like glow these bulbs cast and their classic, yet unique shape, has proven to be a success in coffee shops, restaurant patios and special events, such as wedding receptions and parties all over the world. These bulbs are also very popular in home decor and adds a touch of effortless mystery and intrigue to your household.

Since the filaments are visible in these bulbs and their light isn’t blinding, their sculptural filaments are one main component of the bulb’s aesthetic appeal. They amber hue the bulbs emit, create a warm and relaxed atmosphere in any home. Theses reproduction bulbs look great in exposed light fixtures and can add an industrial yet nostalgic feel to any space.

Home Décor Ideas

Rustic Living Room by Telluride Architects & Building Designers TruLinea Architects Inc. A Edison light bulb cluster chandelier is an impactful statement piece for any interior space

Midcentury Spaces by Cerritos Media & Bloggers Katrina Guevara. Vintage cages to match the vintage bulbs creating a atmospheric and gothic atmosphere in your home.

Contemporary Dining Room by Eugene General Contractors Jordan Iverson Signature Homes. The edison light chandelier made the space so inviting and romantic.

Eclectic Spaces by Santa Cruz Media & Bloggers Shannon Malone. Add this interesting lighting fixture on your balcony, deck or patio. Whimsical lighting for bespoke weddings and special events.


We offer a varied selection of reproduction Edison bulbs, however we use unique LED technology instead which is a more energy efficient compared to the original bulb design.

G-125 Vintage LED Light Bulb

Add a touch of delightful ambience with our unique LED technology. Faithfully recreated from historic designs of old-style light bulbs, these LED vintage bulbs, or LED Edison bulbs, look great in any exposed light socket such as chandeliers, sconces or socket pendants.

80-F Vintage LED Light Bulb

Inspired by the historical squirrel cage design, this new version LED Edison bulb is available with LED vertical filaments surrounding a central pillar. This unique light bulb has a very sharp droplet top. It perfectly represents a mix of vintage and modern style at your home and provides many lighting hours.

G-125 3D Firework LED Light Bulb

This LED fireworks bulb adds an elegant touch of warmth to any room while incorporating modern energy-saving technology. Given its decorative appeal, the C125 bulb is an ideal fit for chandeliers, vanity lights, bistro lights, tent lighting, ornamental lights, commercial light strings, decorative light strands, and outdoor wedding lights.

AG-95 Vintage LED Light Bulb

With the rebirth of fine artisan craftsmanship and the beautiful home decor styles of the 19th century, it’s no wonder the Edison bulb has become the light bulb of choice in this generation. Creating a soft, yellow glow with a sculptural aesthetic, these vintage-inspired LED light bulbs are the perfect detail to provide a warm yet classic feel in any room. And since this old-fashioned look is created using contemporary high-efficiency LED lights, you will save much more energy than using traditional light bulbs.

BT-125 Vintage LED Light Bulb

This gorgeous vintage style fireworks filament LED light bulb will create a beautiful ambience in your home or commercial premises and will enhance the overall design of any decorative lighting fixture. The old style filament light bulbs are very versatile and can be used with a lamp shade or look stunning just on their own – they can be used as the main light in a room or can simply be decorative.

DT-125 Vintage LED Light Bulb

Vintage stunning reproduction Edison style bulb with diamond shape and with beautiful Squirrel cage filament in E27 base G9 inside for use in Europe, Australia, USA and many other places that use the E27 base.

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