The perfect Christmas gift for him – It doesn’t matter whether he’s your boyfriend, husband, brother or son, shopping for that special guy in your life is impossible, especially if they already have their dens filled with every tech toy imaginable! 

Trying to find the ideal gift is A LOT of pressure. First of all, you need to relax and look at who you’re buying for. What are their interests? Their hobbies? What do they ALWAYS talk about?

Try and connect the present you buy with something you already know they like is the surest way to get a Christmas gift for him, that he will love.

From gadgets, to gizmos and all the high tech equipment in between, we’ve put together our ‘top 5 Christmas gifts for him’, for the men who already have it all. 

Top 5 Christmas Gifts For Him


If the man in your life has a passion for seeing the world, or if his work takes him away often on business trips, we have the perfect gift, that is not only practical but a lot of fun. Say hello to the Smart Suitcase Scooter!

If you’ve ever heard him complain about lugging his ‘too heavy’ suitcase from terminal to terminal every time he visits the airport, how about getting him a gift that will allow his luggage to carry him instead?

This ridable travel suitcase, is the perfect travel gadget because it comes with a built-in scooter that will let him zoom through the airport while he rests his legs! The smart suitcase also has a built-in speaker and is fully bluetooth enabled, allowing him to play his music as he rides.

The non-slip wheels with special treads and excellent grip performance make it possible to overcome various road conditions while riding. Top speed is 10km/hr. The next time he travels instead of lugging around a heavy suitcase, let his luggage do the work of carrying him around.

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If dogs really are man’s best friend then don’t they deserve to be treated as such? Introducing the Wi-fi Pet Feeder. This gift is the perfect companion for his pooch, especially when he’s off on a business trip or a short vacation.

The wifi pet feeder This wifi pet feeder is an interactive feeding device for your pets it lets you feed, watch and speak with your pet when you’re away from home. The built-in camera and microphone lets you see and hear your pet from your smartphone in real time.

With this device you can set feeding schedules and monitor your pets feeding with ease and the 250ml water feeder attachment makes it easy to provide your pet with much needed water, when you’re away from home.

This Wifi pet feeder was also in the bags of the official gift lounge for the 60th Annual GRAMMYs®. To find out more info about the pet feeder, click here.


Marry him. Just kidding. If the man in your life is exceptionally organised and likes to keep his place spotless, we have the perfect Christmas gift for him this holiday season: The Robotic Vacuum Cleaner! The robotic vacuum is Wi-FI enabled so that he can schedule cleaning from anywhere, using the App. The robotic vacuum provides a powerful clean that loosens dirt and dander for a healthier house. Smart move technology lets the vacuum navigate around corners, furniture, and clutter with ease.

This smart robo bot runs on a Lithium ion battery for up to 1 hour and will automatically dock and recharge itself, so he will never have to worry about putting it away or it running out of power.

This gift is perfect if the guy in your life has a busy work schedule, or is out of the house a lot. Help him stay organised and on top of the chores by purchasing our Robotic Vacuum here.


The man cave. The bachelor pad. We all know how proud some men can be of their home environment, so why not give the gift of home tech this Christmas? We have a wide range of practical and entertaining home gadgets, but if you after something really special, we recommend our levitating UFO Speaker Lamp.

The UFO speaker lamp is the latest in home technology that will leave his guests speechless. Watch as the LED lamp floats effortlessly above the base, emitting soft light and the music of his choice. The product is fully Bluetooth enable with a range of 10 meters, so any smart device in the home can be connected to it.

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If the man in your life always has earbuds in or headphones on, if he always playing music in the home or talking about the latest album from his favorite artists, we have the perfect Christmas gift for him, the Bluetooth Speaker Shower Head!

Allow him to take his music with him everywhere, including the shower! During his daily shower, he will be able to play his favourite music, and even being able to answer phone calls!

This device delivers up to 12 hours of music and pairs wireless, up to 49 feet away with his Bluetooth-enabled devices and, as a bonus, it has 3 times more spray power than a standard shower head! It is easy and fast to install, taking only minutes to replace your show head with this new, bluetooth enable, speaker design.

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If none of the above items seem like the perfect Christmas gift for him and you are still completely clueless, here are two tried and tested gifts that he will definitely love…

Christmas Gifts For Him
Christmas Gifts For Him

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