Technology today has allowed us to access a wealth of endless knowledge, become completely connected to each other and helps improve our day-to-day living. Information and entertainment is available around the clock as the wealth of content on the Internet is accessible without any limits and at our fingertips.

It has been nearly 75 years since the invention of the Z3, the world’s first computer and the rate at how technology has advanced over this time period is staggering. Big technological changes usually occur step by step and the evolution of smart technology was no different. It’s origins stem from the 1990s mainly, when the internet started to take over. Fast forward to 2018 and we are now working on technologies such as artificial intelligence, that will create self-driving vehicles and thermostats that change temperatures themselves.

This blog post is going to focus mainly on the smart technology that is available in both practical and novel products that would make happy editions in any home. These products will all also by app controlled, meaning that are all easily accessed and programmed by the touch of a button on your smart device. Did we also mention that they can be found on our online store?


Today’s society has become and extremely busy one. Between careers, families and social lives it hards to get a free minute, so why use your free minutes cleaning, for example, when you could have some ‘down’ time instead? That is why practical home products have become increasing popular in the smart technology market.

Why spend time vacuuming the floor or washing windows when you could buy a piece of technology that will do it for you and is easily controlled for your smart phone or a similar smart device? Here are some of the useful, practical home products we have on offer on our online store.

This Modern Innovation’s robotic vacuum is the modern way to a cleaner house. With a Wi-FI connection you can schedule cleaning anywhere using the App. The cleaning system provides a powerful clean that loosens dirt and dander for a healthier house. Smart move technology lets the vacuum navigate around corners, furniture, and clutter with ease.

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This Modern Innovations Self-Window Cleaner is safe and easy. It can clean glass, marble, floor and tables. With rain and other weather conditions, the windows can get very dirty and dusty. It is very inconvenient to clean them by yourself, however, hiring a professional window cleaner can get expensive. This Self-Window Cleaning robot will cost you less. App control lets you self-control the robot it will recognize the cleaning path and avoid obstacles once it’s finished cleaning it will automatically stop.

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This wifi pet feeder is an interactive feeding device for your pets it lets you feed, watch and speak with your pet when you’re away from home. Built-in camera and microphone lets you see and hear your pet from your smartphone in real time. With this device you can set feeding schedules and monitor your pets feeding with ease with the  250ml water feeder attachment it makes it easy to provide your pet with much – needed water when you’re away from home. This Wifi pet feeder was also in the bags of the official gift lounge for the 60th Annual GRAMMYs.

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A functional clock with an integrated camera! This camera clock features full HD video streaming and supports remote viewing via a smartphone. WiFi functionality allows you to view the live video anytime and anywhere you have Internet access, and, with a Micro SD card installed, you can record without the need for an always-on computer connection. View recorded footage using your computer, iOS, or Android device.

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Obviously, having products that are of practical use are extremely advantageous when it comes to increasing our productivity day-to-day. However, having novelty smart products in the home will create atmosphere, entertainment and enjoyment. 

We offer a selection of ‘novelty’ products, some of which double up as practical also. Here are a few we have available for purchase on our online store.

Floating Bluetooth Speaker: According to anti-gravity principle, the speaker is designed to spin above a magnetic base. 3D Surround Sound – A special sound guide cone coupled with levitation offers distortion-free timbre, that’s capable of igniting all your senses.

This Levitating Speaker was included in the most buzzed-about swag in history for the Oscar nominees!! 

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Finally a 2-1 product for all your travel needs. Travel suitcase that comes with a built-in scooter. This ridable suitcase lets you zoom through the airport while resting your legs. It is equipped with a saddle and three large wheels that allows riders to ride it. The battery is replaceable which not only facilitates the disassembly and replacement but also effectively upgrades the battery life. The non-slip wheels with special treads and excellent grip performance make it possible to overcome various road conditions while riding. Top speed is 10km/hr. The next time you travel instead of lugging around a heavy suitcase, let your luggage do the work of carrying you around.

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