Hidden cameras are no longer just the high-tech gadgets available only to the spies and government surveillance experts in your favourite big screen blockbusters. Today, they are available to anyone who wishes to keep their home and loved ones safe and secure. They are for the people who wish to have peace of mind and extra vigilance whether they are at home, the office or on the move.

Some of our hidden camera technology can also be used to document outdoor recreational sports, such as cycling or racing and high stress sports such a rock climbing or slacklining. Our products can also be used simply for recording the environment around you, for example as an alternative traffic recorder.

Regardless of how you choose to use this technology, we offer a range of products that allow for unique hiding places in ubiquitous items throughout everyday life.


WiFi Hidden Cam Alarm Clock

This is a functional alarm clock that features an integrated camera. It supports remote HD streaming via WIFI straight to your smartphone and with a micro SD card installed you can record without the need for a computer connection. This is the perfect piece of tech for parents in need of a nanny cam or just for piece of mind in protecting your home from intruders.

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WiFi Hidden Home Security Camera

For a more compact hidden camera, this wifi smart home security camera is the one for you. It is small in size and comfortable in any small space within your home.

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WiFi Spy Clock with Camera & Microphone

High-definition audio and video capture function from a digital WiFi pinhole clock camera that can capture and store high-definition video with sound.  Fast Wireless-N speed WiFi connection. True P2P automatic set-up technology: anyone can set-up in minutes!

The perfect combination of an undetectable clock and a practical surveillance gadget! The IP camera designed for network video surveillance, adopted high performance and powerful single SOC chip media processor to integrate audio and video capture, compression and transmission.

Exquisite design, rigid, and has a very strong frame. 90-degree wide angle lens.

This wall clock camera can provide necessary security coverage in home security, education, life, and other fields. This round wall clock is very popular because it can blend into almost any room without drawing any attention to itself. This spy clock gives the widest view of the room because it is mounted on the wall — a great vantage point.

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Wifi Spy Camera Pen

The perfect Spy Camera Pen! This Wireless Spy Pen Camera provides full covert recording anywhere from your home, meeting, interview, evidence recording, outdoor or business. You can record both photos and video and audio. Video resolution is 1920p x 1080p

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Wifi Spy Camera Pen

Keep a close eye on your phone while it charges. This wifi enabled, hidden camera also doubles as a power bank. Sit in wherever you like in the home or office and record all events that take place around it.

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WiFi Spy Hat with Camera

Can be used for Government law enforcement agencies (such as urban management, police, fire), military combat troops (armed police, anti-terrorism, explosion, special operations forces.Outdoor recreational sports (cycling motorcycle cycling enthusiasts), high-stress sports (climbing, rock climbing, etc.), the use of alternative traffic recorder, or just simply recording in any environment. Transferring files is a breeze. Just use the included USB cable to connect the unit to your computer. The hat cam is ideal for professional surveillance, but it’ll also be great on your next vacation. You won’t have to worry about remembering to take the DVR everywhere you go!

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WiFi Spy Belt

Image sensor 30fps. Supports SD Cards. 1080P HD WIRELESS P2P & WiFi IP SPY VIDEO CAMERA & RECORDER IN WEARABLE BELT! It’s here at last and it really works as a worldwide wireless internet camera while on your person. It can be watched and controlled from a mobile device with WiFi connectivity. Provides a very discreet live video feed of 1080p HD resolution and can be stopped and started from a mobile device on the other side of the world. All you need is to download a free IPCamera app to connect via your WiFi devices. From the app you can enable connection to your home/work WiFi network to allow complete freedom and watch from anywhere in the world. The belt has a superb camera that can not be seen, the photo has been enhanced for you to be able to see it easier. The belt included is made from PVC leather and does not have to be used, you can fit any belt to the buckle with the camera & DVR inside. This would never draw attention to itself if worn or left at home/work.

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