Wireless Charger & Phone Power Bank


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The SurgeDisk Wireless Charger uses a soft light that will let you sleep peacefully — we don’t use the intensive stimulation of the red, or green LED light of similar products on the market.  The SurgeDisk OTG1.0 is a elegant wireless charger as well as 2000 mAh portable power bank. This means you can unplug the wireless charger when you leave your home and have a little extra power for your mobile devices on the go. Compatibility with all QI-enabled wireless charging devices or devices with QI receiver such as Galaxy S6 S7, Galaxy S6 S7 Edge, Galaxy Note 5, LG G4, Nexus 6, Moto Droid Turbo, Nexus 5/7(2013)/4, Nokia Lumia 1020/920/928, MOTO Droid Maxx/Droid Mini.


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