WiFi Spy Clock with Camera


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High-definition audio and video capture function from a digital WiFi pinhole clock camera that can capture and store high-definition video with sound.  Fast Wireless-N speed WiFi connection. True P2P automatic set-up technology: anyone can set-up in minutes!

The perfect combination of an undetectable clock and a practical surveillance gadget!

The IP camera designed for network video surveillance, adopted high performance and powerful single SOC chip media processor to integrate audio and video capture, compression and transmission.

Exquisite design, rigid, and has a very strong frame. 90-degree wide angle lens.

This wall clock camera can provide necessary security coverage in home security, education, life, and other fields. This round wall clock is very popular because it can blend into almost any room without drawing any attention to itself. This spy clock gives the widest view of the room because it is mounted on the wall — a great vantage point.

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