WiFi Spy Belt


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Image sensor 30fps. Supports SD Cards. 1080P HD WIRELESS P2P & WiFi IP SPY VIDEO CAMERA & RECORDER IN WEARABLE BELT! It’s here at last and it really works as a worldwide wireless internet camera while on your person. It can be watched and controlled from a mobile device with WiFi connectivity. Provides a very discreet live video feed of 1080p HD resolution and can be stopped and started from a mobile device on the other side of the world. All you need is to download a free IPCamera app to connect via your WiFi devices. From the app you can enable connection to your home/work WiFi network to allow complete freedom and watch from anywhere in the world. The belt has a superb camera that can not be seen, the photo has been enhanced for you to be able to see it easier. The belt included is made from PVC leather and does not have to be used, you can fit any belt to the buckle with the camera & DVR inside. This would never draw attention to itself if worn or left at home/work.

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