Once upon a time, fake blood, pumpkins carved like demons and a white bed sheet with two holes cut out would have passed a scary Halloween decorations. Not today. With the progression in technology, today’s society wants Halloween tech to make the frights and the supernatural hyper realistic.

Haunted houses today have become an extravagant and expensive displays that warp and play tricks on the mind and props that ACTUALLY go bump in the night. Today there are around 2,500 haunted house attractions worldwide and it is a $300 million industry. Below we have listed a few of our top terrifying tech for Halloween 2018!



halloween tech

Halloween costumes are cool and haunted houses are always fun, but if you want to turn the dial up on the spookiness factor for your Halloween antics this year, then this Halloween tech should take the cake: The Ghost Drone. Take Halloween pranks to the next level and stalk your victims around your neighbourhood with this ghost costume attached to a flying drone!

Of course, if you already have a drone, all you need to do is attach a ghost and fly very carefully. If you aren’t willing to risk the life of an expensive drone for one night of fun, there are other cheaper options online.


halloween tech

At the top end of the most expensive Halloween tech is definitely the Vortex Tunnel. Also known as a spinning tunnel they can be found at haunted houses, amusement parks and now at your very own home (if you’re willing to fork out the cash).

The fun of the product comes when people walk through the center of a spinning tunnel and they experience vertigo and a loss of equilibrium as their brains receive conflicting signals from their bodies and senses.


halloween tech

If you are really hoping to make a spectacle and a last impression on your friends this year someone that thinks spooking someone out is worth any price, look no further than the “Exorcist bed.”

The Exorcist Bed by Halloween Express thrashes on a solid steel 360° simulator chassis. Actors can ride it and you even have the option to add the Levitator which safely and comfortably floats an Actor to a height of 5′ 0” up and down over the bed as it thrashes around.


halloween tech

Need some smart Halloween tech mixed in with your costume this year? How about the iwound? An app recently designed and released by NASA engineer Mark Rober.

Forget contrived gushing wounds with rubber organs poking out, the iWound is latex insert that cleverly features a slot for a smartphone. Once placed securely inside, the smartphone’s touchscreen can create the illusion of a real-life beating heart by running a free app on a loop.


Obviously these extravagant Halloween props are only really useful once at year on Friday Night – but for the rest of the year they will merely be gathering cobwebs sitting in storage. We, however, offer some ‘spooky’ tech products that is practical and fun all year round! Check them out below.


Floating Bluetooth Speaker: According to anti-gravity principle, the speaker is designed to spin above a magnetic base. 3D Surround Sound – A special sound guide cone coupled with levitation offers distortion-free timbre, that’s capable of igniting all your senses.

This Levitating Speaker was included in the most buzzed-about swag in history for the Oscar nominees!! 

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bachelor pad

TheLevitating UFO Speaker Lamp offers you the home of the future, today. The LED lamp floats effortlessly above the base, emitting soft light and the music of your choice. It’s fully Bluetooth enabled with a range of 10 meters, so you can pair any of your smart devices or computers to it and really set the mood.

To watch the UFO speaker lamp in action click here. To purchase the UFO speaker lamp from our online story click here.


Experience the power of the 8″ top levitating moon against the night sky – in your home. This Levitating Moon is exactly what it sounds like – and more. Specifically, more than just around white light. It’s designed to look like an authentic replica of the moon’s real topography, with craters, crevices, and shading. It’s even built with several different shades of soothing colors. This lamp is made by innovative 3D printing technology, layer by layer stack, which restores the real appearance of the moon. The colors change automatically while the moon is levitating in the air.

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