Technology Predictions For 2020 and Beyond…

We live in very exciting technology-driven times! Technology is progressing at an exceptionally fast pace, so fast that it’s very hard to predict what the next latest and greatest tech innovation will be! BUT, that being said, experts have put their heads together to predict what we should except to see happening in 2020 (give or take a few years – 10-20 or so). Keep reading to see a list of 2020 predictions.

So, get ready for the first ever micro chipped, human brain, self-driving cars and a high-speed train linking London to Beijing! According to a large number of technology predictions that single out the year 2020, it’s going to be to be one heck of a year/decade in the technology and innovation world!

We’ve complied a list of the coolest, most mind-blowing tech innovations predicted for 2020 which you can find below. Keep reading to learn more!

China to London High-Speed Rail

high speed rail

China is thinking of creating a high speed train that will Link the East and West. That is China (in the East) to London (in the West). How to deal with the inevitable headaches of a 17-country train? China has offered to pay for and build the infrastructure in exchange for the rights to natural resources such as minerals, timber and oil from the nations that would benefit from being linked in to the trans-Asian/European corridor. The project isn’t very likely to be completed this decade (or at all) – it is just a proposal. However, we absolutely love this idea. Say goodbye to flying and instead ‘hello’ to getting from the middle of the world to the far right in no time at all!

Self-Driving Cars

self driving cars

We don’t yet have the wireless infrastructure, globally speaking, to link all our cars with all our traffic tech. However, self-driving and autonomous technology has been implemented into current vehicle across the industry already. Waymo, Google and maybe big automakers have been pushing tech innovators with the hopes of winning the self-driving race.

With the progression of tech over the last decade, this is certainly doable, however vehicles won’t be completely autonomous by 2020. We are, however, looking forward to the day that we can sit back and read a book while ‘driving’ to work.

Ultra Thin OLED Screens

Display tech will see a massive leap in 2020 – the entire industry will see a shift to paper-thin OLED surfaces, many with touch capabilities. Therefore, we will see more mirrors, windows and surfaces with computing abilities. Say ‘hello’ to smart mirrors, windows, fridges, walls, tables and much more!

Widespread Solar Power

2020 Tech Predictions

By 2020, solar technologies could account for a significant portion of global power generation, helping economies and businesses guard against rising energy costs and the impact of climate change.

Finding opportunities to reduce the cost of solar technologies will be key to unlocking the potential of solar energy. Polysilicon, the primary raw material used by solar module manufacturers, is the single largest cost in the solar supply chain. Over the next several years, new lower-cost methods of polysilicon production will commercialize, providing the solar industry with a more affordable source of raw material.

The Beginning of the End of Cancer

science test tube

This is definitely are favorite future tech innovation! The emergence of real-time diagnostics for complex diseases such a cancer, will mark the beginning of their end by 2020. The ability to monitor health and diseases in real-time will change the nature of medicine and usher in a new era of human health where wellness is protected versus illness treated. YESSS!!!

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